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    Pharma and biotech companies can now ingest, aggregate, manage and analyze all clinical data from across the sources more efficiently using our AI-driven Clinical Development Platform.


    MaxisIT enables "data-driven digital transformation" with its complete AI enabled analytics platform and empowers clinical stakeholders to mitigate risks or seize the opportunity in the most efficient manner at reduced costs. Enjoy advantages which range from data ingestion, processing, analysis to in-time clinical intelligence by establishing value of data.

    Key Value Propositions offered by the this cloud-based,
    and secured platform

    Faster access to reliable data

    AI-powered data management workbench delivering efficient ways to build data trust

    Single-source-of-truth data repository

    AI-powered clinical intelligence to speed up insight to decisions


    AI-driven Clinical Data Management

    Clinical Data Repository with complete AI-driven Study Design Management, Data Quality to Risk Management, Metadata Management and Clinical Data Integration and Standardization for an easier, smarter and secured access to R&D data

    AI-driven Analytics

    Complete AI-driven Analytics and Reporting solution with a Statistical Computing Environment and a Data Sciences Workbench that converts your data assets into meaningful information without manual programming

    AI-driven Insights

    Smart dashboards help you keep an eye on key performance metrics, compliance, enrollment, site assessment, payments, clinical safety, portfolio health check, and above all ability to look deeper into the data, extract valuable information and identify risk and/or opportunities.