MaxisIT’s Metadata Repository (MDR) holds the definition of data and knowledge from the inside and the outside of an organization. An integral part of the E2E data and workflow streams, MDR can handle standardized metadata under Clinical and Healthcare domains. It is a platform that integrates with multiple 3rd party tools and metadata sources.


  • Enables integration across heterogeneous systems
  • Increases interoperability between applications, tools and services, reusability of modules, systems and data
  • Enables service based architecture.
  • Ability to manage instream enterprise level E2E processes and audit trails
  • Ability to interface with MaxisIT’s integrated platform products as well as third-party products.
  • Enables integration of the MDR with 3rd party tools and metadata sources.


The following are the key features of MaxisIT’s Instream Metadata Repository application:

  • Metadata Persistence Model: Enables the storage of created metadata on permanent storage media.
  • Metadata Repository API: Enables users to access the repository. The API provides functions to connect to, disconnect from, and populate the MDR with metadata schemas and metadata.
  • Metadata Workflow Management: Workflow management systems, enabling proper user tracking, process flow and generation of audit trails.
  • Metadata Repository Regulatory Compliance: The repository adheres to regulatory standards for the life sciences industry.
  • Model Independent Repository: Model-agnostic. It can handle metadata for standard CDISC data models as well as legacy and custom specific data models.
  • CDISC SHARE support: CDISC SHARE is the industry source of standard CDISC metadata and provides metadata files for download in different formats.
  • Concept-Based Study Build: Mock CRF layouts with annotations and excel specifications can be stored in the integrated file system under version control.
  • Coexistence: Interface capability with a variety of external third-party tools.

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“Having the highest quality clinical data and related information with efficient analytical tools available at all times is critical to managing our clinical programs and accelerating our innovation; and with MaxisIT’s Integrated Clinical Development Cloud, it was easy to achieve that across the portfolio of studies, and we were able to improve the quality of data and speed of decisions without increasing our support staff.”
Head of Clinical Projects
Multi-billion dollar pharma organization focused into rare disease
"Managing trials cost-effectively, and timely have been the biggest priorities in small biotech organizations with potential to grow; MaxisIT’s Integrated Platform just delivered that by allowing us to get faster access to data via clinical data repository, and role-based & self-service A&R platform to keep track of our clinical, operational, and administrative performance across the portfolio of oncology trials.”
Sr. Director, Project and Clinical Data Management
Oncology Biotech Company
“Implementation of MaxisIT’s clinical data repository enabled us easier, and faster access to our outsourced trials’ data in the most user-friendly manner, which improved our ability to respond to data quality issues, and conduct clinical data review in timely manner.”
Executive Director and Senior Physician Project Leader
Neurosciences Focused Business Subsidiary of one of the top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies
“Right combination of technology, process, and qualified people delivered via MaxisIT partnership enabled us to achieve above 50% reduction in protocol cycle time across the portfolio of trials, and also establish clear visibility across the trial performance.”
Head, Clinical Data Management
A Multi-billion Medical device company

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