At MaxisIT®, we are improving the ways pharmaceutical and life sciences industry companies, and academia are leveraging information and making decisions in conduct of clinical research and development. Our technology platform optimizes the information flow from the entire clinical value stream that flows across technologies, processes, and departments to external CROs, vendors and partners, by facilitating integration across the ecosystem and offers huge time and cost savings.

From its inception in 2003, MaxisIT® has quickly grown into a completely integrated clinical development platform offering in the industry that is available as an enterprise cloud, Software as a Service, and also delivered via our global clinical services that carries both clinical functional and software expertise under one seamless delivery framework.

Our knowledge, experience and business practices built on lean and agile business practices allow us to innovate, build and deliver technology solutions that can deliver consistent quality and desired efficiency at an affordable rate.

By eliminating the redundant, error-prone touch points, and integrating isolated systems, CTRenaissance® empowers business users to prospectively design, manage, optimize and submit next generation clinical trials in a more predictable, controlled and regulatory compliant environment that can span across geographical boundaries. By using CTRenaissance®, companies are able to respond to changing clinical or operational scenarios in time, rely on qualitative and authoritative information at low cost, and maintain focus on core research areas in a collaborative manner. With this approach, overall regulatory and clinical information management becomes much simpler and more accurate – as we call it a ‘game simplifying strategy’.

We are committed to bringing renaissance in global healthcare and life sciences vertical by providing an integrated and collaborative social enterprise platform for planning and managing targeted patient therapies in a more informed and predictable manner. Innovative thinking and holistic approach in putting technology to work for the betterment of health and research practices and targeted patient care are our unique differentiators.

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