PHUSE US Connect 2024


25-28 February, 2024


Bethesda, Maryland


Booth #4

In the dynamic realm of clinical trials, even the most meticulously designed studies can encounter unexpected challenges. MaxisIT’s comprehensive solution, including robust data engineering, quality, and standardization processes, contributes to the Statistical Computing Environment (SCE). This centralized cloud-based environment not only mitigates risks of skewed results but also ensures that data is refined and standardized for optimal accuracy.

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    Our platform goes beyond by leveraging advanced data analytics, incorporating quality measures and standardization protocols. This synergy enables real-time collaboration, elevating the potency and accuracy of your clinical research endeavors. Experience firsthand the power and precision of our AI-powered SCE, a significant outcome of our meticulous data engineering and standardization efforts.

    Paper Presentation –  PHUSE US Connect 2024


    Wednesday, February 28, 2024 | 02:30 PM to 03:00 PM EST


    Room: Salon A

    Title: Data Pipeline – Improving Cycle Time and Shifting Data Closer to Analytics

    Description: This paper focuses on highlighting the current challenges faced by statistical programmers and how our data pipeline improves cycle time to deliver timely access to quality data for analytics and reporting teams.


    With over 20 years of comprehensive experience, Greeshma Mundayat’s journey began with bedside patient consulting, evolving into a profound impact on patients’ trajectories and
    outcomes within clinical trials through innovative technology utilization.

    Sarika Karnik brings over 20 years of industry expertise, with a decade-long dedication to leveraging technology for empowering clients and propelling their success, particularly within the clinical data industry.As a seasoned professional, she adeptly combines strategic expertise with innovative solutions,reshaping industries and championing client achievements through forward-thinking technological advancements. Sarika has notably contributed her talents and vision to MaxisIT, driving transformative initiatives and fostering groundbreaking approaches within the realm of clinical data technology.

    Meet with our experts at Booth #4 during PHUSE US Connect 2024 to explore how MaxisIT’s AI-powered Statistical Computing Environment can revolutionize your approach to clinical research. Our integrated data engineering, quality assurance, and standardization processes guarantee enhanced insights and informed decision-making in your trials.

    Zena is a highly motivated and results-oriented business development professional with over 20 years of experience in sales. She has deep knowledge and understanding of clinical trials operations, data management, and data analytics processes.

    Ankur has over 20 years of experience in clinical strategy, advisory, consulting, and solutioning in SAAS and functional services. His expertise spans across clinical data management, statistical programming, biostatistics, data standardization, clinical ops, and digital transformation for 1000’s of clinical trials.

    Jameson Luks boasts over 15 years of expertise with industry leaders like Cytel in clinical trial design and statistical products and now with MaxisIT in clinical data analytics. His deep insights and innovative approach consistently address the most pressing challenges for companies in the clinical trial landscape.

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    Statistical Computing Environment   

    Increase the efficiency, traceability, and visibility of statistical analysis.

    Data Management Workbench   

    Empower clinical data management teams to maintain the quality and integrity of clinical trials.

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