9 Jan 2018 Blog
Saving Time and Cost through Metadata-driven Reporting Process

Clinical teams are often stuck in a vicious cycle of static report requests, impeding clinical data review and database lockdown. The main struggle is to unify and analyze data across domains. If data is not uniform, it restricts access to complete clinical information which, in turn, will affect the decision making on safety and efficacy. It is critical to make the right decisions early in the process, failing which we end up with loss of time and resources.

A metadata-driven approach helps to speed up the clinical development process by automatically combining all clinical data from disparate clinical systems. This allows clinical development team members to interactively explore and analyze the information collected and discover new relationships between the data. With the ability to quickly visualize and analyze data, team members can optimize the clinical trial process and focus their efforts on obtaining the insights and answers they need to bring drugs and devices to market faster.

To learn more about the Metadata-driven process read our whitepaper on ‘Accelerated Access to Clinical Data and Reports through a Metadata-driven Process from EDC to Reporting’ here.

About MaxisIT:

At MaxisIT, we believe that complex data analysis can produce simple yet powerful insights.

MaxisIT’s Clinical Trial Oversight System (CTOS) is a purpose-built command center designed to manage biopharma and life sciences clinical trials as mission-critical business processes. With its complete AI-enabled analytics platform, the CTOS enables “data-driven digital transformation” from data ingestion, processing, and analysis to in-time clinical intelligence. Its real-time data ingestion, analytics, and visualization empower researchers to identify and address errors as they occur.

The CTOS elevates the value of data, improves efficiency, and empowers clinical stakeholders to seize new opportunities. The platform brings clinical operations and patient data together in a single, central data hub as a single-source-of-truth to help clinical operations, clinical data management, biostatistics, and clinical R&D portfolio management.

A complete self-service, AI-enabled analytics platform, the CTOS unifies trial data from disparate eClinical systems to support study planning, clinical data quality, clinical review, patient safety, clinical operations, CRO performance, risk-assessment, portfolio management, compliance, and submission.

From study setup to data ingestion, clinical trial stakeholders can manage clinical development processes with insight into the study conduct and take proactive actions to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.

MaxisIT’s CTOS helps you maintain an ongoing health-check on your portfolio of clinical trials, using real-time data, analytics, and visualization to drive rigorous analysis of the entire dataset, allowing for proactive trial risk management.


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