12 Jan 2021 Blog
Our Customers' Voices Echo MaxisIT's Innovative Platform and Trusted Partnering Approach

MaxisIT's Technology Platform helps small to large biopharmaceutical organizations in their need to build a holistic insight mechanism based on authenticated and aggregated data for effective decision making within the planning, conduct, and submission phases of clinical trials. MaxisIT recently spent time speaking with business leaders from some of our client organizations. The exercise was part of our continuing effort to promote dialog, build trusted relationships, and incorporate our customers' voices into our planning and solution strategies for 2021.

The interviews were incredibly insightful and helped us better understand the critical role our solutions play in addressing numerous clinical research challenges. While our outreach continues, we celebrate the fact that 100% of interviewees to date consider MaxisIT as a strategic partner in their journey ahead.

The interview responses also helped us recognize the vital role of 'trusted advisor' that our team members adopt. The mutual trust that we have developed with our client teams is based on decades of identifying challenges and collaborating with clients to create innovative solutions. Our clients appreciate our work ethic, honesty, and innovation.

In the 17 plus years of our journey, we have listened to our customers to understand the specific challenges they face and to keep innovating and develop appropriate solutions. Below is some of the feedback that we received in our most recent outreach initiative.

  • Customers describe the value of our platform in terms of the clinical data intelligence it provides.
  • They appreciate the flexibility it affords, and they recognize that it supports a data-centric approach to clinical trials with greater insight.
  • They describe our solutions as enabling them to ensure data quality and to identify issues early to save time, resources, and costs while helping them to transform processes.
  • Customers appreciate the clarity with which we propose and conduct implementation projects. They value the frequent formal and informal communications that are part of each project.
  • Our customers want us to take a leadership role by sharing our experience with the industry. They are looking for us to turn our successes into accelerators and democratize the best practices that we have accumulated as a result of our successful implementations.
  • Our customers appreciate our technology and our expertise. The composite strength of MaxisIT's techno-functional team and the breadth of technology expertise that MaxisIT has retained enables us to add skilled resources to shift project timelines. Our customers are aware of the value and flexibility that our expertise brings to each technologically driven business solution.
  • Our customers also recognize the MaxisIT leadership team and the role of 'trusted advisor' that our team members have assumed in our customer relationships.
  • Many customers are advocates of MaxisIT within their organizations because they understand the operational value and strategic impact of our solutions. Our expertise and trusted guidance have helped to transform our technologies into broader solutions.

Our customers are looking for continued automation and near-time insight to overcome hurdles in achieving efficiency and compliance across their portfolios of trials in the new year. They want us to look for ways to eliminate redundancy across eClinical data sources and deliver a more autonomous approach to data-driven processes. This will enable them to continue to meet expectations within the new normal of working without being impacted by a disconnected ecosystem.

Our customers seek emerging best practices in areas that deliver holistic oversight across their trial portfolios. They are looking forward to the development of business cases and corresponding dashboards to monitor vendor/trial/clinical performance, display and compare relevant quality metrics across providers, and help to interpret insights on quality.

While our customers demand operational efficiency today, they also want to be well-positioned for the future of clinical trials. They are looking for solutions to their constantly evolving business challenges. They look forward to MaxisIT 's continued innovation and focus on best practices to get the most from technology. They expect practical solutions for today and insights and innovative approaches to the business challenges of the future.

Our Commitment

At MaxisIT, we firmly believe that our leadership position in this market is built upon our collaborative relationships with our clients. Our customers' voices help us to validate our approach and ensure that we are delivering the best technology solutions that will have the greatest impact on clinical trials.

Our customers want technology solutions that offer efficiency without sacrificing compliance. They also want the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. Finally, they want a reliable and consistent technology partner that delivers solutions to their most significant business challenges - today and tomorrow. We believe that these voices echo the priorities and needs of the broader industry.

We are committed to assuming the role of 'trusted advisor,' listening to our valued customers, and delivering exciting and impactful solutions that exceed customer expectations, year after year.

About MaxisIT

At MaxisIT, we believe that complex data analysis can produce simple yet, powerful insights.

MaxisIT's Clinical Trial Oversight System (CTOS) is a purpose-built command center designed to manage biopharma and life sciences clinical trials as mission-critical business processes. With its complete AI- enabled analytics platform, the CTOS enables "data-driven digital transformation" from data ingestion, processing, and analysis to in-time clinical intelligence. Its real-time data ingestion, analytics, and visualization empower researchers to identify and address errors as they occur.

The CTOS elevates the value of data, improves efficiency, and empowers clinical stakeholders to seize new opportunities. The platform brings clinical operations and patient data together in a single, central data hub as a single-source-of-truth to help clinical operations, clinical data management, biostatistics, and clinical R&D portfolio management.

A complete self-service, AI-enabled analytics platform, the CTOS unifies trial data from disparate eClinical systems to support study planning, clinical data quality, clinical review, patient safety, clinical operations, CRO performance, risk-assessment, portfolio management, compliance, and submission. From study setup to data ingestion, clinical trial stakeholders can manage clinical development processes with insight into the study conduct and take proactive actions to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance.

MaxisIT's CTOS helps you maintain an ongoing health-check on your portfolio of clinical trials, using real- time data, analytics, and visualization to drive rigorous analysis of the entire dataset, allowing for proactive trial risk management.

Customer Quotes:

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