29 Jun 2020 Blog
How does your Clinical Trial Oversight System form your Winning Strategy?

Technology adoption and strategic revisions to processes are redefining clinical trials today. Data collection is taking new approaches, with data from wearables and mobile apps complementing the traditional modes of data collection. The challenge here extends beyond data collection, as the collected data from these diverse sources needs to be integrated and analyzed in real-time to arrive at actionable insights that enable informed decisions.

The time has come for clinical trial sponsors to recognize the critical importance of data collection, aggregation, and integration in managing their trial portfolio. They also need to ensure that the date from trials is standardized and doesn’t demonstrate any variations. Analyzing data for insights when it is not homogeneous could affect the efficiency of a trial and derail its timelines as well as its cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, the ability to source data from disparate sources and integrate it into a single-source-of-truth could offer advantages that include less time, cost, and resources in the conduct of the trial.

We don’t need the COVID-19 pandemic to make us realize that speed is of the essence in any research endeavor like a clinical trial. AI-powered data analytics are able to cut through the time and cost of deriving actionable insights using clinical trial data.  Pharma companies are set to reap the benefits of having its drug development teams work in tandem with their data teams when they adopt an AI-powered clinical trial oversight system, which enables real-time coordination to bring in unprecedented efficiencies. When the data from disparate sources gets integrated into a single-source-of-truth, clinical teams get to make informed, data-driven decisions that accelerate their drug development process significantly.

CROs and pharma companies reap the benefits offered by aggregating and analyzing the data collected from clinical trials to enjoy the insights. They also have an opportunity to make timely decisions with regard to the conduct of their trials and to reap the benefits of innovation in many different ways. The global pharma market today fosters a tremendous amount of competition between the players and the time-to-market is of crucial importance to one’s winning strategy as it offers access to superior revenues to a first mover.

About MaxisIT:

MaxisIT’s Clinical Trials Oversight System (CTOS) enables “data-driven digital transformation” by its complete AI-enabled analytics platform from data ingestion, processing, analysis to in-time clinical intelligence by establishing the value of data, improve efficiency and empower clinical stakeholders to mitigate risks or seize the opportunity. The CTOS platform helps clinical operations, clinical data management, biostatistics, and clinical R&D portfolio management by bringing clinical operations and patient data together in a single, central data hub (i.e. single-source of truth). The platform allows self-service analytics and role-based clinical intelligence enabling insights, time & cost efficiency, risk mitigation, and the effective management of the portfolio, data quality, patient safety, CRO/site performance management. In short, it helps you maintain an ongoing health-check on your portfolio of clinical trials, using real-time data, analytics, and visualization to drive rigorous analysis of the entire dataset, allowing for proactive trial risk management.

We simplify the monitoring process, feeding all data through a single repository, running robust analytics, and ultimately producing visualizations that are fit for human consumption. Because, yes, complex data analysis can produce simple insights. Real-time data ingestion, analytics, and visualization empower researchers to identify errors as they occur.

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